Do Indians Need Visa for Qatar

Do Indians Need Visa for Qatar

Indians don’t particularly need visas for Qatar. As it is one of the countries that has permission for the on-arrival visa for 30 days. You can also extend it for another 30 days if needed. In total, you can stay in Qatar visa-free for 60 days. 

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Which nationalities are eligible for a visa-on-arrival for Qatar?

Qatar is a beautiful country that is well known for its tourist sites. You can enjoy the scenery and culture of Qatar during your stay there. To visit Qatar every year a massive number of individuals apply for Qatar visas but many people from these countries are eligible for a 30-day-visa-free stay. 

The following nationals are eligible for a 30-day visa-free stay. It can also be prolonged for an additional 30-day period.

Australia, Azerbaijan, Andorra, Belarus, Bolivia, Brunei, Brazil, China, Canada, Costa Rica, Colombia, Cuba, Chile, Ecuador, French Guiana, Falkland Islands, Guyana, Georgia, Hong Kong, Ireland, Indonesia, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Montenegro, Macedonia, Macau, Maldives, Mexico, Moldova, Mauritius, Monaco,  New Zealand, Panama, Pakistan, Peru, Paraguay, Rwanda, Russia, Suriname, Singapore, South Africa, San Marino, South Korea, Thailand, The United States, The United Kingdom, Uruguay, Venezuela, Vatican City. 

Criteria For Qatar On Arrival Visa For Indians

The criteria you need to fulfill in order to get Qatar on arrival visa are: 

  • The passport must be valid for six months at least.  
  • You need to have verified return tickets 
  • Your debit or credit card should at least have a 1400 USD balance 
  • Proof of verified accommodation arrangements made through the “Discover Qatar” website exclusively should be provided 

(Accommodation reservations from any other websites won’t be accepted)

Fee For Indian Visa On Arrival for Qatar 

You do not need to pay a fee to obtain a visa on arrival for Qatar. You can obtain it free of charge. But if you stay more than 60 days then you need to apply for a Qatar Visa

Qatar Visa Cost for Indians 

If you reside in Qatar for more than 60 days you need to apply for a Qatar tourist visa. The costing for a Qatar tourist visa are stated below: 

          Visa Type           Visa Cost
Qatar Tourist Visa (Travellers below 55)           Rs 9,999
Qatar Tourist Visa (Travellers above 55)          Rs 15,999

How long is an Indian’s on-arrival visa for Qatar valid?

Indians on-arrival visa for Qatar is valid for 60 days. At first, you need to apply for the 30 days visa-free waiver and then you can extend it for additional 30 days. You can apply for a 30 days extension if you want to stay longer in Qatar. 

However, you can also select from a variety of visas accessible. You can obtain one of the visas without any problem if you plan to remain for a longer duration that exceeds the 60 days validity. 

Which nations are on Qatar’s Red List?

The Ministry of Public Health of Qatar has announced the elimination of Qatar’s red list and quarantine regulations for visitors. No visitors will be required to quarantine, either at home or at a hotel, with the exception of those who test positive for Covid-19.

Which nations are on Qatar’s green list?

All international visitors are now allowed to enter Qatar without going through the Quarantine process. Qatar offers visa-upon-arrival services to nationals of over 95 different nations. This approach has improved Qatar’s accessibility to both business and leisure travellers and helped fuel the nation’s expanding tourism sector. 

How many days after arrival can you extend your Indian citizens’ Qatar on-arrival visa?

You have up to 8 weeks, or at least 10 business days, before the visa waiver expiration date to submit your application. 

How to extend a Qatar visa on arrival? 

You can extend your Qatar visa on arrival in the following ways: 

  • You can extend it through the Ministry of Interior Website. 
  • You need to complete filling up the form, including “Passport and Visa Number, Nationality”.
  • Properly go through the Captcha and then press “Extend”. 

This way you can extend your Qatar visa on arrival for 30 days. 

How can an Indian citizen obtain a free visa to Qatar?

The alternatives for getting a visa in Qatar are numerous. For a set amount of time, you can usually do so without a visa. To obtain your free visa to Qatar go through the following steps. 

  1. Show the immigration officer your travel permission when you visit the immigration office in Doha.
  1. Give the immigration officer all the necessary paperwork, including your passport, hotel reservation confirmation, return ticket,  international credit/debit card, vaccination certificate, and three months’ bank statement, and follow all the instructions and requirements they give you.
  1. When approved, the immigration officer will attach a little label to your passport that indicates Qatar has accepted your application for a visa upon arrival.


How long does it take to get a Qatari visa from India?

The visa-on-arrival visa does not take any days as you receive it upon your arrival. But, except for the visa-on-arrival visa, all the other visas take 7-10 days processing time. 

Should you bring your renewal receipt when you return?

You should bring the renewal receipt if you have extended your stay in the country beyond 30 days and renewed it upon arrival for Qatar. Since you will be required to show evidence that you have properly renewed your visa and have not overstayed your initial visa. 

Does Qatar have an age restriction for Indians applying for arrival visas?

For Indian nationals, there is no set age restriction for obtaining a visa upon arrival.

Do you need a medical exam to extend your visa-free entry to Qatar?

No. You do not need to do a medical exam to extend your visa-free entry to Qatar. 

How Much Is The Qatari Penalty For A Visit Visa That Has Expired?

Assume you overstayed your 30 days visa’s validity without extending it. You will receive a fine for this. The fine is QAR 10,000 and INR 2,19,674. 


Qatar is a magnificent place to visit. To make it easier and less complex for visitors to travel there, Qatar has enacted new travel regulations which involve visa-free entry. India falls under that regulation and can easily enter Qatar visa-free. 

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