How to Apply for Kuwait Civil ID

How to Apply for Kuwait Civil ID

The Kuwaiti civil identity is an official identification card that is issued to Kuwaiti citizens including local citizens, foreigners, and expatriates. The Government of Kuwait only has the right to issue an identity card.

You should not pay KD for variable fees. But you have to pay 5KD which is acquisition fees and fixed fees for receiving a smart card. 0.250KD is the fixed fee for the Envelope. Fees are the same for all applicants for a civil ID card from Kuwait.

If you read this article carefully you can know all processes of applying for a Kuwait Civil ID card.

Applying for the first time for Kuwait civil id:

Every citizen of Kuwait must, the foreigners, who are located in Kuwait for working purposes should apply for Kuwait Civil ID. Also, visitors need a civil ID card for visiting visas or residency visas.

You have to carry this ID card every time because it is a requirement of the Kuwait government this ID card contains personal information, such as name, gender, security issues, and other details. Over 18 years old people are eligible to apply for issuing civil ID card (K-1) cards.

The Public Authority for Information in a short form known as PACI takes 10 working days for processing and issuance. It takes issuance time because PACI has to analyze various personal documents of you. 


  • Your original Barth certificate.
  • Original passport-size photographs.
  • Your certificate of blood group.
  • Photocopy of passports for foreigners with your residence stamp.

The process of issuance for Kuwait civil id card:

Firstly, you have to go ground floor of the Citizen’s Office in Zahra. Then you have to submit the required documents which are pointed out above. A service application form will be provided to you.

You have to pay fees for forms and further process. After that, you have to fill out the form with the pieces of information which are mentioned in the form. 

First-Time Registration of Expatriates:

Those who go to Kuwait for the working purpose need to follow the requirement and procedures to get Kuwait Civil ID card

Eligibility or Criteria:

A power of attorney from the Ministry of Justice must attend with the applicant for the procedure. You have to pay 20 KD if fail to register within 30 working days of obtaining the residency stamp.


  • Your original Barth certificate, 
  • Original passport-size photographs,
  • Your certificate of blood group,
  • Photos without eyeglasses,
  • Fingerprint, envelope,
  • Power attorney from your Ministry of justice,
  • And the photocopy of passports for foreigners with your residence stamp.


In order to stay in Kuwait for the working purpose, you must fill out the application which is given by Citizen’s Office in Zahra with appropriate information.

Duplicate information may cause failure for issuance. Then you may pay a fine for illegal information. It casually takes 30 working days for the issuance of a Civil ID card.

Applying for the civil card online:

Kuwait’s government allows an online request for the civil ID card. The online application process helps foreigners to fill out their forms to stay in their country without going to Zahra.

The online process of issuance:

You can operate this service on your android or IOS phone. You have to Dial 889988. Two options are given for selecting the language. Generally, one option is for the Arabic language and another option is for the English language.

Foreigners usually select the English language. After that, you have to choose the number for this service from the given voice list. 

Then give your civil ID number. It may take time to process your request. You have to wait for that.

You should have to go to the Civil ID renewal link on the website


of the Public Authority for Civil information. After that give your ID number. Then you must follow the instructions.

After authorization, you will get your Civil ID card from the Public Authority of Civil Information Headquarters to Zahra. You need to pay the card acquisition fees.

Registration of Gulf Cooperation Council Citizens:

Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates five participating countries of the Persian Gulf have made an institute known as The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf for an intergovernmental political and economic union of the participating countries of the Persian.

It is also known as Gulf Cooperation Council. The citizens of GCC countries do not require any visa to enter Kuwait. But they need to apply for a civil ID card in Kuwait.

Required Documents:

  • Envelope
  • Original birth certificate 
  • A copy for applicants born outside Kuwait
  • The fingerprint is required who reached 18 years old or older
  • Two recent colored personal photos (4 × 6 cm)
  • Photos should not be taken for the face profile
  • Blood group certificate
  • Lease contract signed by the applicant
  • Marriage contract, for married couples.
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Legal information

Eligibility or Criteria and Procedures:

If you are a citizen of GCC and your relative is a citizen of Kuwait, the relative needs to attend the procedures for applicants. The relative has to provide the required documents and information. But no contracts are required if the applicant lives with relatives.

If you don’t have any relatives but you need a civil ID card from Kuwait, you can apply online with legal information. You have to till the processing of the required information. If the given information is correct, then you have to go Citizen’s Office in Zahra and fill out a form. After 10 working days, you will get your civil ID card. You need to pay the fees due.


You should not pay KD for variable fees. But you have to pay 5KD which is acquisition fees and fixed fees for receiving a smart card. 0.250KD is the fixed fee for the Envelope.


That‘s all about the process of application and fees of Kuwait Civilt Id. You know Kuwait civil id is a must if you want to stay in Kuwait. 

Following the application process properly, you can easily get your Kuwait Civil ID.   

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