How to Apply for Qatar Visa Online

The government of Qatar has introduced a digital system through which you can get a visa online. All you need to do is submit the documents properly. It takes a very short time to fill out the visa application form. After that you will get a confirmation mail. That mail will include all the procedures. 

To know more about how to apply for a Qatar Visa online, keep reading!

Types of Visas 

An electronic visa system called a Qatar e-Visa was introduced in 2017 to boost up the visa application procedure. Everyone is qualified to apply for a Qatar e-Visa, which ensures that visas are granted quickly.

Before applying for an E-visa, you need to know about the visa types. You should go for the one which goes with your objective. The information stated below will help you out to choose the one you should apply for!

ETA: Schengen Area citizens who wish to visit Qatar without a visa can pay a service charge for a 30-day pass. You can acquire an e-Visa to go to Qatar without any current visa or residency permit as long as your country is included in the list of eligible nations.

GCC Residents Visa: It is a one-time visa that enables the holder to get a 30-days permission to stay in Qatar.

Tourist Visa: Citizens who are not eligible for ETAs and visa-free access can apply for tourist visas online.

Transit Visa: Travelers from all nations who pass through Qatar are eligible for transit visas. The transit visa has validity period of four days. 

What type of documents do you need to apply for a Visa?

You will need a series of documents to apply for a Qatar Visa. Make sure that you have all of these. This is the list. Collect the valid documents. If it is found that you have fake documents, your application will not be granted. 

  • Passport photo 
  • Photo of the candidate
  • Photograph of a return ticket
  • Scanned copy of Passport
  • Flight confirmation.
  • If you will be staying with a citizen of Qatar, you will need to show a copy of your invitation letter, your Qatar ID, and the Qatari citizen’s official application page.
  • Contracts, phone bills, energy bills, cash receipts, and credit cards.

How to apply for Qatar Visa Online

Filling out a digital visa application will take a few seconds of yours. Make sure you have all the essential documentation and have filled all the required information precisely before submitting the application. 

You have to submit the application to the Qatar Visa Department. Initially, the applicant needs to be from a nation that can get an eVisa for Qatar.

  • Go to this website- Then  choose your country and citizenship. You will find it in the top search menu. 
  • Choose the type of Visa you want. Go through the types and find the best fit.
  • Fill the application form and attach the documents. Primarily, you will need a scanned passport copy and a scanned passport size picture.
  • On the webpage, pay the e-Visa fees.
  • After you pay, a PDF of your Qatari visa will be sent to you through email.

If the Qatar eVisa is accepted, it is sent to the email address after it has been processed. The ministry of interior will recheck it. If they ask, keep the other necessary documents ready.

The duration of an ETA visa may be extended upto 3 months after departure from Qatar and  maximum one month after arrival. If you have a current passport, you will most likely have your Qatari visa in five business days. 

To prevent delays in the processing of your visa application, you should make sure that you fill out the Qatar visa application form as accurately as you can. 

As the Qatar eVisa is digitally connected to a single unique travel document, it is crucial to travel using the same passport that was used to submit the online application.

Few things you should keep in mind regarding Qatar Visa

  • The Qatar visa will allow you for one entry.
  • You cannot renew your tourist visa.
  • Once the application and money is submitted, you cannot cancel it.
  • The applicant will have the SMS to know information about the status of their visa application. This must be taken into account while submitting the application.
  • Before traveling to Qatar, make sure your passport is valid and will not expire any time soon.
  • A transit visa can only be requested online for a maximum of four days, while a tourist visa for Qatar can be requested online which will last upto 30 days.
  • If you are a GCC national, you do not need Visa.


The process of applying for a Qatar Visa is very easy. Firstly figure out what type of Visa you need, collect the relevant documents and then apply for a Visa online.

You can even check the status of your visa digitally. Make sure that you extend the visa timely if you are living in Qatar. Otherwise, a hefty fine will be charged.

Hopefully this guide on how to apply for Qatar Visa Online has helped you! 

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