How to Change Kuwait Civil ID Name

How to Change Kuwait Civil ID Name

Every individual in Kuwait, both residents, and expatriates, are required to have their Civil ID regardless of their age. That’s why immediately after receiving your permanent residency in Kuwait, you will have to apply for your Civil ID card within 30 days.

Having issued a Civil ID card enables you to open a bank account, shop, buy a car, enroll your children in school, etc. No residents or expatriates would be allowed to leave or enter without having a Civil ID card in Kuwait. 

However, you may need to change your Kuwait Civil ID name. Hence, what to do? Well, in this guide, we will let you know every step on how to change your Kuwait Civil ID name.

Let’s explore.

Why Would You Change Your Civil ID Name?

The Ministry of Interior, Kuwait has canceled the printing of residency stickers on passports. Due to this cancellation, your Civil ID card will have all your information printed on it. Whenever you travel, this ID card will prove your residency in Kuwait.

However, many complaints of having wrong spelling on Civil ID started to come from the residents and expatriates immediately after the cancellation was made. And this might prove to be problematic to have two different names on your passport and Civil ID. 

Consequently, you will not be allowed to travel if the name of your Civil ID does not match your passport. Moreover, it may also cause occurrences in your daily and professional life. 

Hence, it’s really necessary to change your Civil ID name. 

Is It Possible To Change My Civil ID Name Online?

Changing your Civil ID name is now pretty easy. There is the simplest way to change your Civil ID name without having to deal with hassles. Using your phone, computer or laptop, you can complete the process online within a few minutes. 

However, Before changing your name you can check the validity of your Civil ID status anytime. 

Required Documents For Changing Your Civil ID In Kuwait

To change your name, you would need some necessary documents. The following documents are required to change your name on Civil ID:-

  • A copy of your nationality certificate, birth certificate and passport.
  • Front and back copy of your civil ID card.
  • A formal document with the name you want to change written on it.
  • The serial number given on the back of your Civil ID.
  • An active mobile number and email to which the verification code would be sent. 
  • A picture with a blue background measuring 24×6. 

Procedures to Change your Civil ID

To change your Civil ID name, the very first thing you are required to do is go to the Moi Govt  website. To change your civil ID name, follow the steps below once you have reached the website.

Step 1: After opening the website portal, you will have to log in providing the credentials required by the portal.

Kuwait Civil Id Renewal

[Note: Please, register yourself first if you haven’t yet registered on the Moi website] 

Step 2: After successfully logging into your account, you will see a page having a layout like the photo given below on your mobile or laptop. If you are a Non-Kuwaitis and find the language in Arabic, you can change it into English by taping the options given at the top of the page. Then click on the blue highlighted CHANGE LATIN NAME tab.

Kuwait Civil Id Renewal

Step 3: Then you will be provided with a form ( like the image given below) showing your present name and it will enable you to change your name according to your passport. 

Kuwait Civil Id Renewal

Then update all the required documents asked in the form. Once you are done, click submit and the request would be sent to the Ministry. After that, you will get a code on your mobile number or email which must be kept safe. 

Once you are done with all the procedures, you can check whether your Civil ID status has changed or not by going to the Civil ID status website. 

Things you need to do after changing your name

Once you’ve changed your Civil ID name, you can now use your new Civil ID name for all legal proceedings, applying for your new driving license or passport, and filling out forms and applications under your new name.


Do I need to pay any fees for changing my Civil ID name?

You might get charged by the Kuwaiti Government to pay a certain amount of fees to change your name or get a new Civil ID. 


You can see, it’s quite easy to change your Civil ID name. Hoping that following these methods would lead you to the easier and less time-consuming way to change your Civil ID name.

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