How To Check If Your Qatar ID Is Cancelled

You need to check the validity of your Qatar ID because you require it to confirm identities, driver’s licenses, and new bank account openings.  Side by side, you will need to follow all the laws related to your id. Your id will be canceled if you don’t abide by all rules and limitations.

If your ID gets canceled and you don’t notice it, you will have to pay a heavy amount of fine. Thus, it is crucial to examine your Qatar ID. 

Keep reading to know how to check if your Qatar ID is canceled.

How to check if your Qatar ID is canceled?

There are two ways through which you can check if your Qatar ID got canceled or not. One is through inputting your QID number in the official website of the Ministry of Interior. Another one is through your passport number.  We have broken down both for you. 

  1. Visit the website of Ministry of the Interior

It is the official website of the Qatar Government. If you want to determine the status of Qatar Visa or ID, you can simply check here. Too many facilities are available on this website. To get into this website, go to this website: ( A lot of services are available here for your use. Select the service which you are looking for and you will be taken to your desired location. 

  1. Choose MOI service

You will find an “inquiry” option. Press there. After that, a new page will come out and  choose the “other inquiry” option there. It will show two options which are “description” and “services”. Since you need the service, click that. For ID verification, smart cards, other papers, the smart card activating form, and enquiries concerning business IDs are also available. Choose whatever you need. 

  1. Tap on Official documents : A 

webpage will load after selecting this option and ask for details regarding your ID status. Your QID number, country, and captcha code must be entered here. Enter the information in the necessary boxes. 

  1. QID number: 

To confirm  Qatar ID, enter your QID number. You will find the status of your ID. It will show if it’s valid or canceled.

Passport Number:

This is very simple. You just need to know your passport number to check whether your Qatar ID is canceled or not. Follow this. 

  1. Click On Inquire by going to
  2. To choose official documents, tap Other Queries.
  3. Provide the nationality, passport number, and captcha code from a valid passport.
  4. Your Qatar ID Status can be seen by using the Search button.

Why should you check the status of your Qatar Id frequently?

If you abide by the law in Qatar, you are permitted to stay there. It is obvious that breaching a country’s rules will be expensive if you currently reside there. Using a valid Qatar ID is also compliance with law.

If you neglected to renew the ID before it was ready for expiration, its value is gone. A hefty fine will be assessed for noncompliance. No matter what, you must frequently verify the status of your ID. 


If you live in Qatar, keep a track on the status of your Qatar ID. You can easily check whether it is canceled or not just by going to the website of the Ministry of Interior. Put in the necessary information and you will get the result. Be careful about your QID as a canceled QID will result in a hefty fine.

Hopefully this article on how to check if your Qatar ID is canceled has helped you!

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