Qatar Visa Status

How To Check Qatar Visa Status

You can monitor the progress of visa approvals by visiting the Qatar e-services portal on the website of the Ministry of the Interior. Now, Qatar visas can also be checked online via the website of the Qatar Visa Center (QVC) too. All these websites will save your time, money, and energy! 

However, to achieve that, you must either submit that or the passport number. We have covered how to check Qatar visa status in this guide.

How to check Qatar Visa Status through various ways

If you are a traveler or you need to stay in Qatar for various reasons, we know that you always have to think about your visa. If you know about your visa status, you can take your future steps accordingly. 

That’s why we have brought up here various ways through which you can check your Qatar visa status!

  1. Through Ministry of Interior

This will be the most helpful site in your Qatar journey. You may get solutions to a lot of questions on the website for the Qatari Ministry of Interior, including:

  • Monitor the approval of Visa.
  • Printing and checking of visas.
  • RP applications can be printed and tracked.
  • Document review
  • Ticketing infractions.
  • Request an exit permit.
  • Permit research.
  • Airport permit application.

You must input your passport details or visa information on the Official Qatar site to verify the status of your application for a visa to Qatar. Simply input the number of your passport or visa and press the search button to find out the status of your Qatar visa application.

  • Visit the MOI website and click “Visa Services.”
  • Next click “Visa Inquiry & Printing.”
  • You can use either your passport number or your visa number to check.
  • Input your citizenship code too.
  • To view the status of your visa, click “Submit.”

It’s crucial to have the proper visa profession. For instance, if you are a contractor looking for employment in Qatar, you will require a Contractor’s Visa. If not, you can experience problems in the future.

  1. Through Qatar Visa Center Website 

For applications from South Sudan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, and Bangladesh, QVC gives information on the status of their visa applications. You can conveniently track your application for a visa to Qatar with QVC, and all applications from the aforementioned nations will have access to this service. Only the MOI can be used to check the status of Qatar’s visa.

  • Visit the website of the Qatar Visa Center (QVC). Some websites choose your favorite language and nation for you.
  • Click “Track Application.”
  • Fill out the forms for your passport, visa, and captcha.
  • Check the status of your Qatar visa by submitting the form.

You might get an invalid visa even after following every process precisely. This might happen for a lot of reasons. Take this into consideration if you are granted an invalid visa in exchange for your application:

  • Verify the validity of your visa.
  • Updating your visas is a must.
  • Be sure that your travel company issues Qatar visas on schedule.
  • The request for a visa is still pending.
  • Cross check about possessing a second Qatari visa
  • You may receive a bogus visa from your agency. So, be sure about the authenticity. 
  1. With Passport Number

These websites are designed in a super user-friendly way. Now, you can check your visa status simply by inputting your passport number! You can check the status of your Qatar visa online by entering the valid passport number in your passport.

  • To verify your ID, go to
  • The inquiry button must then be clicked.
  • Start by selecting the “Visa Enquiry” link.
  • After inputting the passport and visa numbers, click submit.
  • To print it, click the Print Visa option.

How to check Visa Status if you are from Qatar

The Interior Ministry offers a service online. If you are living in Qatar, you should be very aware about your visa validity status. You can use this to see if your application for a Qatari resident visa has been granted. The method is-

  • Visit the Interior Ministry website.
  • Type your “Application Number.”
  • Under “Visa Type,” click “Residency.”
  • Enter any option among “QID Sponsor” or “Application Date”
  • Correctly solve the captcha.
  • Click the “Submit” button.
  • Monitor the progress of the approval of your Qatari residency visa.

How to keep track of your Visa

It’s super important to keep track of your visa. Otherwise, you may face an unwanted situation. For this, go to the Ministry of Interior’s website to see if your Qatari visitor visa application has been approved. The broken-down process is-

  • Check out the MOI Qatar website.
  • “Application Number” should be typed.
  • Under “Visa Type,” select “Visit”.
  • Insert your sponsor’s QID here.
  • Specify “Nationality”
  • Correctly complete the Captcha. Then, press “send”.
  • You can check the progress of your application for a Qatari visiting visa.

There are several different types of information that may be found on valid visas, including the sponsor’s job title, photograph, passport number, profile, gender, visa category (work or visit), duration of the visa, passport state, visa validity, and status of the visa. Make sure that these are correct!


If you are concerned about the status of your Qatar visa, look into these tips! These are lifesaving. It will help you in your overall journey in Qatar! Check these out!

  • Before you depart, verify your visa.
  • Your visa should be printed.
  • Always rely on the information you find on the official website of the Ministry of Interior.
  • Verify your visa and profession.
  • Check the Validity of your Visa
  • If there are any problems, don’t pay your agent. Research on your own. Contact government officials.
  • Beware of agents’ traps.


Now you know how to check your Qatar visa status! Always check this and follow the rules. If you face any sort of difficulties, contact the authorities. All the necessary details are provided on the website of the Ministry of Interior. Don’t stay confused regarding anything. Remember, a small mistake of yours can result in a penalty!

Have a good journey! Hope this helped you!

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