Qatar ID In Metrash2 App

How To Renew Qatar ID In Metrash2 App

In the wake of the discontinuation of RP stickers on passports, the Qatar ID is assumed paramount importance as the sole supporting document for expatriates and residents in Qatar. The Ministry of Interior has mandated that all residents and expatriates have to carry their Qatar ID on their person at all times. Therefore, the Qatar ID card plays a crucial role as a key identification document for expatriates and residents.

Whilst the Qatar ID serves as a vital form of identification, it is important to note that it does have an expiration date. Following expiration, individuals have a grace period of three months to renew their Qatar ID without incurring any penalties. This is a crucial time frame to ensure uninterrupted access to essential services and official proceedings. 

However, renewing your Qatar ID online is less bothersome than doing it offline. This writing will provide you with the step-by-step procedures to renew your Qatar ID online using the Metrash2 app. 

So let’s explore.

How can you renew your Qatar ID online?

Are you wondering how to renew your Qatar ID?  No way, there are both online and offline options available to you. You can rest assured that the process is easy to follow, and we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Identity cards in Qatar are valid for a period of five years for inhabitants under the age of sixteen, and ten years for those over the age of sixteen.

As stated in Hukoomi, the Ministry of Interior, Qatar enables employers, as well as residents to renew their residence, permits both through online and offline methods. There are a number of methods to renew your QID depending on the categorization it has. 

You can renew your Qatar ID using both the MOI website and the Metrash2 app. However, renewing your Qatar ID online is now easier through the Metrash2 app

What is the Metrash2 app?

Metrash2 app is a mobile app that was launched by the Ministry of Interior, Qatar. This provides you with free official mobile services. 

Moreover, it is an application that has multiple features for different purposes according to your needs. The Metrash2 app comes with around 150 features. It helps you with the services such as renewing your QID, updating your personal information, applying for a new passport, and so on. 

You can use this app by downloading it on your phone. For your comfort, this app has both Arabic and English language available so that you can easily understand the procedures. 

How can you use the Metrash2 app?

You must download the Metrash2 app first before using it for your convenience. If you are an iPhone user, you can download it from the App store and if you’re an Android user, you can download it from the Play Store

After downloading the Metrash2 app, you are required to register yourself in it by filling up all the required credentials. 

Procedures to follow to renew your Qatar ID through Metrash2 App 

Renewing your Qatar ID is now as simple as you could imagine. It would take just a few steps for you to renew your Qatar ID.

Let’s take you through the steps: 

Step-1: To renew your QID online, you will have to first log in to your Metrash2 account by putting in the required credentials. When you have successfully logged in to your account, go to the menu named ‘Residency’  and click on it. The process would look like the image:-

How To Renew Qatar ID In Metrash2 App

Step-2: After selecting the ‘Residency’ menu select, the tab ‘Residency Renewal’ will appear before your screen. Then you will have to select between ‘Personal’ for individual or ‘Company’ and click on the next. 

Step-3: For the next step, in case of personal renewal, select a maximum 5 number of QID to be renewed at a time. And for company renewal, select a maximum twenty QID numbers to be renewed at a time and click on ‘Add’

Step-4: Further, you will have to select the renewal period for your selected QID. Next, to receive your Qatar ID, select any convenient delivery method. After selecting the delivery method, you will have to fill in the address where you want your renewed QID to be delivered. 

Step-5: For the final step, you must fill out all the required payment information and then pay the necessary fees using your debit or credit card. Before submitting, do double-check all the information to make sure you have put all the information correctly. 

Once you are done with all the steps to submit your renewal request, you can now anytime check or track the progress of your QID renewal going to Residency Permits inquiry

[Note: You can renew your Qatar ID either directly collecting it from Immigration or through Qatar post. However, you will be able to renew your QID  only for 1 to 3 years at a time online]


How long would it take to renew my Qatar ID?

In the case of renewing your Qatar ID, it usually takes three to five working days of a week. Your Qatar ID renewal could, however, in rare circumstances take up to seven days.

How much would it cost me to renew my Qatar ID?

The cost of renewing your Qatar ID differs depending on your age and profession. 

If you are over the age of 18, you would require to pay QAR 500. You are, however,  required to pay QAR 300 if you are a servant, farmer, fisherman, or driver. 

Do I need to pay any fine for renewing my QID?

You can renew your Qatar ID for a period of three months before its expiration date. After the time frame, any delayed renewals will be charged a fine of QR 10 per day by the Ministry of Interior.

However, you don’t have to pay any fine if you renew your QID within 3 months of 


You can see, how simple the process is to renew your QID in the Metrash2 app! You can renew your Qatar ID whenever you want by adhering to the steps.

Nevertheless, it’s always important for you to have your Qatar ID up to date before its expiration.

However, once you have got your QID renewed, you must also verify your health card’s expiration date, and if the card has expired, to renew it you must visit Health Card Renewal Qatar so that you can submit an application online.

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