Kuwait Civil Id Renewal

Kuwait Civil Id Renewal

A Kuwaiti civil id card is a legal document to prove your identity. This civil ID card is required for all the residents of Kuwait. So, if you find your ID card expired, then you will have to renew it as soon as possible. Immigrants who want to live for more than one month, also need a civil id card.

Well, the service of Kuwait ID card renewal is under the service of PACI (the public authority for civil information). After entering the authentic official website of PACI, you will get the option of a civil ID card renewal.

However, here in this article, I would like to inform you about all the processes of Kuwait civil ID card renewal. 

The process of Kuwait’s civil id renewal

The process of Kuwait’s civil ID card renewal is simple and easy. The Kuwaiti government makes the process easy for their citizens.

Step-by-step guidelines:


Those who are between the age of 10 to 18 can apply for ID renewal over the phone. You can fill out or submit the application online also. But a recent photograph of you is required.

Citizens who are 18 can apply for this civil id online or by calling. To submit the online form, you have to update your latest photo and the required information.

Well, before going to apply for a civil id, you should check the status of your civil id.

Mandatory documents:

There is given a list of mandatory documents that you must have to apply for civil id:

  • You must bring a copy of your Kuwaiti nationality certificate with you.
  • For online application, you must drop a copy of the first and last page of your nationality certificate by scanning.
  • You have to update your current colored photograph in 4*6 size
  • Ensure you don’t have eyeglasses in this photograph
  • Photograph with a military uniform is not acceptable
  • The face should be identical to the photograph. Make sure your face is in the middle of the photograph
  • The background of this photograph should be transparent and not be distorted by any object
  • Original civil id or old civil id of Kuwait is required for the expatriates
  • Blank envelope
  • If the applicant does not appear physically, then he/she must bring an application with the sign of an attorney from the ministry.

Procedures of card renewal for Kuwaiti nationals

For the citizens, those who are under 18 need to make the application by hand. At the headquarters of PACI, they need to appear. With the help of the parents, this application can be made online. You need to go to the website or via phone, you can do it.

  • Citizens who are between 10 to 18 must have to give a fresh copy of their picture.
  • You have to fill in all the segments of the application form
  • and Then need to complete the dues
  • You have to wait for your id card. After completing the process of id card renewal collect it from the PACI headquarters at Zahra.

So, this is all you have to do to collect the renewed civil card as a citizen of Kuwait.

Procedures of card renewal for expatriates

For expatriates, to avail of this service of civil id card renewal, you have to simply dial 889988. You can select your preferred language to do communication over the voice call. Here, 1 is for Arabic and 2 is for English.

After that, you have to go through the official website of PACI. Here, you have to go to the option of ‘citizens and residents’ and then press ‘personal and family’ option. After that, you will get the option for ‘civil id renewal for expatriates’.

For expatriates, the required document is their old civil id.  After completing all the formalities, you can collect the civil id card from the headquarter of PACI.


In this article, I have mentioned all the required and mandatory things about the renewal process. As you know it is an important thing so you should not delay renewing your civil id card. 

Hopefully, you find the article helpful. As a citizen or an expatriate of Kuwait, you have to know about the procedure of renewing the civil id card. So, from now on, hopefully, you can renew your card anytime.

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