Kuwait Civil ID Status

Kuwait Civil ID Status: How To Check Online

There are numerous ways to find out your Kuwaiti civil ID status, but the best option is to request an online renewal inquiry through the PACI (Public Authority For Civil Information) portal in Kuwait. It is because this is the most authentic website. Information on this website gives the correct information to the users.

If you want to know everything related to Kuwait’s civil id status, keep reading!

How to check your Civil ID Status through your mobile phone?

These websites are designed in such a user-friendly way that you can find out the solution to your problem after browsing a bit. Determining the civil id status through your phone is super easy! Check this out!

Step 1: Go to this site first.

Kuwait Civil ID Status

Step 2: Right after entering, you will find a box that wants your civil number. Insert your civil id number.

Step 3: To check the status right then, click on “Query.”

How to check your Civil ID Status through your computer?

Using a computer and finding information on any website is much easier. You get to surf all sorts of information and related links. Follow this method to check the status of your civil id through your pc!

Step 1: Visit this website first-


Kuwait Civil ID Status

Step 2: Enter the field with your Kuwait civil id number.

Step 3: Click the “Query” button, and the current status will be displayed.

Kuwait Civil ID Status

You will get the appropriate notice if your civil ID is still being processed.After receiving this status, you can wait another few days and check online again to confirm your Paci Civil Id Delivery. 

How to collect Kuwait Civil ID?

Once it is ready, you can go pick up your civil id in person or have it delivered to your home address by paying the KD 2 delivery fee for a civil id. In Kuwait, you can track civil ID delivery.

The application procedure entails submitting an application to the General Directorate of Residency Affairs’ civil registration office or through a PACI Online Appointment. Both the applicant’s identification number (I.D. #) and personal details are requested.

The citizen is subsequently given a special number by the civil registry authority. This number is required for all legal processes, including signing up for classes at universities, consulates, and other institutions that call for official identity.

Why do you need to know your Kuwait Civil ID Status?

Just at age of 15, Kuwaiti citizens must apply for a Kuwait Civil ID, however, the limitation is 10 years after their birthdate. KD 2.5 is the application fee for an ID card, which can be paid in cash, by check, at either of the aforementioned ministries, or at any National Bank branch.

Although Kuwait’s first civil ID number was granted in 1959, it wasn’t till 1965 that all people were able to apply for one at their neighborhood civil registry office. This was done in order to keep an eye on the records of Kuwaiti citizens.

Before entering Kuwait, check Kuwait’s civil ID travel ban if you are currently outside and want to return. A lot of your stay in Kuwait depends on this status of civil ID. That’s why you should be very careful about it!


As you cannot even open a bank account in Kuwait, getting your Kuwait civil ID as soon as you can is crucial. So, you must check the status of your Kuwaiti civil ID online before traveling for pickup. Checking it online will save your time, energy, and money.  You should be aware of your Kuwait Civil ID Status and Validity!

Follow this above-mentioned way! These are super easy! Hopefully, this guide solved your problem!

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