Kuwait PACI Online Appointment for Civil ID

Kuwait PACI Online Appointment for Civil ID

PACI stands for Public Authority for Civil Information. PACI opened on 5th July 2020. It contains all information about the citizen of Kuwait such as personal information, such as name, gender, date of birth, father’s name, mother’s name, address, issuing date, expiry date of PACI civil ID card, and COVID-19 vaccination status.

It especially needs in Kuwait. All Kuwait citizens must need PACI Civil ID. You can get this civil ID online.

You have to apply online on the website. Over 18 years old citizens are eligible to apply. You have to follow some steps to apply for PACI Online Appointment for Civil ID.

What are the steps of PACI Online Appointment for Civil ID?

Step 1:

You need to visit PACI Website. The link to the website is

Step 2:

You have to click that website link and then you will see the official home page of The Public Authority for Civil Information.

Step 3:

If you can’t read Arabic, you have to click this language section and then select the language option. You can follow the indication in the given picture.

After that, the language will change to English. Then you can insert your information. You can see PASI Site, E-services portal, Appointment reservation, Civil card service, Card and fine payment, Card status, Card renewal, Address availability, Card validity, Establishment and Address request, and MOI to civil number.

Step 5:

You should click E-Services Portal for submitting an appointment request.

Step 6:

In this section, you have to give your Civil ID No to the Civil No section, and your mobile number to the Mobile No section. Then, in the Transaction section, you need to fill in transaction details and submit your office address in the office section.

After that, you have to select a branch between PACI Head Office ( South Surra) and PACI Jahra Office. You need to fill out the form with your legal information. Otherwise, your request for PACI Civil ID will be canceled and you may have to pay the penalty fee. Then click on the next button.

Kuwait PACI Online Appointment for Civil ID

Step 7:

In this section, you can choose a shift between the Morning shift and the Evening shift. You have to fill appointment date. Then press next.

Kuwait PACI Online Appointment for Civil ID

Step 8:

Now you need to select your region. Then you should select marital status among married, unmarried, and divorced. Insert a picture without eyeglasses. 

You need to give a blood group. After that, you have to submit a copy of the basic data page of the passport. A copy of your parent’s passport should be inserted. 

Kuwait PACI Online Appointment for Civil ID

Step 9:

If your information appears legal, your request will be successful.

How to request online for a PACI civil id delivery appointment? 

Civil Information provides a delivery service given by the Public Authority. It is given for that allows beneficiaries. To obtain their civil cards, beneficiaries are needed.

You can receive them from a representative of a delivery company so that you do not need to go to the headquarters of the General for Information and civil ID devices.

To facilitate administrative procedures for citizens, this service is planned by Authority. To connect the civil card on the website, you need to submit a request to the authority.

They fix an amount for paying. The required fees have to be paid. Then your Civil ID card will be delivered.

What is the PACI Civil ID Payment Processed?

  • You have to visit the PACI civil ID website in Kuwait. 
  • Then you need to click on the “E-Services” option.
  • After that, you need to insert your civil number. Then you should tap on the “Civil ID Inquiry” option.
  • After that, you will have to the civil ID issuance fee of 5 Kuwaiti dinars. Then click the “Pay” option.
  • The payment must be paid via the k-net channel. After that, click on confirm the option.
  • Then the payment process will continue.  You need to enter all the required legal data in the appropriate place.

Rules for Appointment to PACI Head Office ( South Surra) and PACI Jahra Office:

For submitting an appointment request, you have to read the Appointment Notes carefully.

Within rebel, you should wear face musk. You have to wear a face mask as the nose is covered at all times within the rebel.

You should take permission to visit all the office rooms. There is a strict rule that you can not visit any administration offices.

You are strictly prohibited from entering any administration building. You need special permission. You should maintain social distance.

The temperature should be 37.5 degrees Celsius. You have to wait for some time and then you can collect the ID.

If you become late, you can’t get the ID. You have to apply again.


You have to follow all the steps carefully. Otherwise, you may fail to receive your PACI civil ID card. In just 1 minute, you can book your PACI Appointment. 

Click this link ( https://app.paci.gov.kw/appt2). After you can go to the official PACI page. You don’t have to wait for a long time because you will get on the spot with your smartphone or computer by registering.

You can register from anywhere by your phone or computer having an internet connection.

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