Kuwait Residency Renewal

If you want to maintain legal status in Kuwait, then you must have to go through the process of Kuwait residency renewal.  This is a formal process that you have to complete if you live there legally. 

As it is an important process, so here I would like to enlighten you about the detailed procedures of the process. However, from this article, you will know what types of documents you will need.

So, if you find this discussion important to you, then go ahead with the article to know more.

About the Kuwait residence visa

Residence visa of Kuwait is such a visa which allows foreigners to live in Kuwait legally. This visa is a document where foreign nationals are allowed to work and live for a long time period in Kuwait.

This residence visa needs to be renewed after a period. You need to check your Kuwait visa page to understand the validity. You can easily know the factor from online.

Types of Kuwait residence visa

Here, five types of visas are available under the residence visa type. Such as-

Residence visa (general)

Most Kuwait expatriates issue a general residence visa. It is a common visa type that grants the visa holder to work and live in Kuwait legally. But you will have to find a sponsor or any company or any individuals to get the visa.

Family visa

This visa is for the children and spouses of residents of Kuwait or citizens of Kuwait. It will let the spouses and the children live in Kuwait without any restrictions. Applicants have to arrange sponsorship to get the visa as well.

Student visa

A student residence visa is allowed for international students. When they start studying abroad they can apply for a student resident visa for a certain time. On the basis of this visa, international students are allowed to live and work legally. The educational institutes of Kuwait do sponsor this kind of application of visa.

Work visa

For foreign workers or foreign employees, Kuwaiti companies are issued this kind of residence visa. International workers or employees are granted to live there and work thereby through this visa. 

Investor visa

This visa is available for investors who will do foreign investments in Kuwait. The investor can invest in any company or any project of the company in Kuwait. The Kuwaiti company will be the sponsor of the visa applicants. After getting this visa, you will be legally authorized to do any work or live there.

The general process of residency renewal in Kuwait at a glance

There you need to submit several documents to renew the residency visa process. You have to contact the MOI (Ministry of Interior) to go through further procedures. All the matters related to the residency renewal process are looked after by this department. You have to submit different kinds of papers according to the need of the visa status as well as on your nationality.

Anyways, there is the following list of papers that you must submit when you will apply for the residency renewal process:

  • General ID card of civil in Kuwait
  • Valid passport
  • All the travel documents
  • An approval letter is needed if you are an employee under any institution or employer.
  • Furthermore, you should submit the bank statement and proof of your residence.
  • If applicable, then you may need to deposit a copy of the lease agreement
  • Copies of all types of a utility bill
  • Medical reports of the applicant need from any Kuwaiti hospitals

Step-by-step detailed procedures of renewing the residency in Kuwait

Well, first, you have to arrange all the needed documents and every piece of information about the residency renewal office.

After arranging all the papers, you have to visit the renewal office to meet all the formal procedures. Here, you have to complete the form of application. Then, you will have to go to pay fees for the residency renewal fees. There you may need to go for a formal medical checkup also.

Now, when your application is going to be approved and all the paperwork will be completed, the authority will give you a new permit for Kuwait residence. This permit is valid for the next three years.

Here I would like to mention the procedures of the Kuwait renewal process:

Gather the mandatory and needed documentation

You must have to submit all the required documents in the first step of your resident renewal process. Then you will need to submit:

A passport copy

A photograph of a recent picture of the applicant

A filled-up completed application form

NOTE: Proof of employment and address can be needed. Then, a test of medical certification also can be added.  

Submit the form of application 

When you can gather all the required information and documents you can submit your application form then. You have to submit the application form at the Kuwait embassy.

Deposit the fee of application

You have to pay the applicable fee after completing the application. For renewing the Kuwaiti residence, you have to pay KD 20 which is approximately USD 65.   

Call for an interview

When the application gets processed, the authority will call you for an interview. In this interview, the authority will ask you about what is the reason behind renewing your Kuwaiti residency.

Receive the permission of your legal residency

If all the papers are legal and the application gets approved, the authority will give you the permit for Kuwait residency for one year. Then, if your permission expires, then you have to do it again in the above discussed way.

The considerations of the Kuwait residency renewal process

You have to bring all the documents before you are going to apply for the renewal of your Kuwait residence. Any wrong or missing information can delay the application process. So, it is important to make sure you have given all the correct and legal information.

Additionally, it should be also mentioned that all the applicants need to deposit the application fee. This fee depends on the nationality of the applicants and what types of visas want the applicants.  

If you have all the documents and paper, then the application process will be very smooth and quick.

The validity period of the Kuwait residence visa

All the residents of Kuwait have to renew their visas every year. After 5 years, the validation will be extended to three years.  Then, after 10 years, you will allow extending the validation period for ten years.

Renewal process of residency visa online for the Kuwait expatriates

Here is the renewal process for an expatriate’s residency visa in Kuwait. You can do it online. The steps are given below:

First, you have to log in to Moi (Ministry of Interior) and then select the residency from the menu.  

Here, you will get the option of “Request Online Residency Renewal” and you have to fill in the information according to what is asked there.

Then, you have to attach all the documentation and papers and need to submit the application.

After that, when you get the approval of your application, Moi will send you a confirmation mail with a tracking number.

Lastly, you have to print out this mail and submit it to the nearest office of residency renewal. Then, you are able to collect the renewal residency card.

Note: Ministry of Home Office observes all the things about all types of visa processing. All the renewal processes can possibly be done online with the help of the sponsor or company.

Residence visa renewal fees in Kuwait

Here, I would like to give a chart of residence renewal fees with various criteria.  

Private sector employees100 KD
Children and employees200 KD
Public sector employees10 KD
For kids100 KD
For wives and kids10 KD
In-laws and sponsor’s parents200 KD

How much time does the process of renewing residency visas usually take?

The time frame basically depends on some of the factors. All the things are mentioned below:

The process of renewing a residency visa depends on the type of visa you are applying for. Usually, it takes around 2 weeks to one month. Mostly if your all paperwork has dropped properly and if there is no mistake then the process of renewal is not delayed too much.

When the residency application is approved, you will get a confirmation mail through your mail id. Then you have to show the mail to the department of Moi. Here, you have to show your passport also.

After completing all the formalities and procedures, you will be able to renew the residency permit. After getting permission you can continue to live here legally without any problem.

Is it possible to renew the residency visa from outside of Kuwait?  

Well, many of you may think about whether it is possible to renew your residency visa without staying in Qatar or not. So here is the answer. Yes, you can renew the visa from outside of Kuwait.

If you want to do it then you have to contact the embassy and provide all the required documents to them. The Kuwait embassy will provide you with all the information that you have to do. Furthermore, you have to pay the fees online and have to wait for getting approval. When you get the approval, you can go back to Kuwait.

Consequences if you do not renew residency visa                     

If any resident fails to extend the residency visa on time, then they will face serious problems. They will be fined. Even, they may face a situation like exiling from Kuwait.

So, this is essential to renew the residency visa before it expires. Otherwise, you may face lots of hassle. Well, if you face any problem renewing your residency visa on time, then you should contact the Ministry of Interior. They have the right to an extension of your residency visa.

Renewal restriction for the residency visa in Kuwait

There are some restrictions in the process of residency visa renewal. For being an eligible applicant for a Kuwait residency visa, you will have to fulfill some requirements. Such as – you have to do valid work to live there, then you have to give all the taxes, fees, and bills properly. Mainly, you need to fulfill all the resident requirements to live there.


Renewing a residency visa is periodical for foreigners and it is important if you want to live your daily livelihood there legally. As it is a mandatory process, that’s why the Kuwaiti government makes the procedure as simple as it can be.  You can renew it online and offline.

There is no easy and convenient way to live with expatriates in Kuwait without a residency renewal visa. So, if your one gets expired or is going to expire, then you should renew it as soon as possible.

Here, all the basic information regarding this issue has been given. Hopefully, this article will help you.

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