Kuwait Visa Validity Status

Kuwait Visa Validity Status

Visa Inquiry, status checking & printing is one of the lifesaving services provided by the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait, a government portal. You can simply find out everything you need to know about your Kuwait visa by using our website. Also, you can get in touch with them personally if you have any problems completing your project without fuss!

Let’s learn more about the checking process for Kuwait Visa Validity Status! These actions require very little time and are quite simple.

What are the different types of Kuwait visas and how long do they last?

Depending on your travel objective, Kuwait offers a variety of visa categories. The most popular type of visa is the tourist one, which gives visitors up to 30 days in Kuwait. Additional types of visas include transit, work, and business visas.

Tourist Visa

The most prevalent type of visa for Kuwait is the 90-day tourist visa. You are only permitted to travel and enter Kuwait with this visa; you are not permitted to stay and work or study there.

Business Visa

You can enter Kuwait for exclusively business purposes with a 90-day business visa. Under this visa, you won’t be able to study and work. Before requesting a visa, you can read up on Kuwait’s new visa regulations.

Work Visa

The work visa lets you go to Kuwait and work at a recognized company for a period of one year. You can take night classes while you’re in Kuwait.

Student Visa 

You can enter Kuwait to enroll in a recognized educational institution while holding a student visa, which has a one-year expiration date. You are also permitted to work part-time while you are a student with this form of visa.


You can live in Kuwait with your family if you have a two-year resident visa. This sort of visa is valid for both work and study. However, you may need to follow certain living rules to comply with the country and its legislation.

How to check Kuwait Visa?

You can check the validity status of your Kuwait visa in a number of ways. We have mentioned the 3 easiest ways. Simply follow one of these! You’re good to go!

By Civil Id

Kuwait provides visitors with an online tool to track the progress of their visa application through their Civil ID. The most crucial document to use while checking the status of your visa is the Kuwait Civil ID. Your civil ID number is the link that connects you to your visa information, whether you are a guest or an ex-pat.

Step-1: To check the status of your Kuwait visa, visit the Ministry of Interior’s official website.

Step 2: Choose “Civil ID Services,” then type in your civil ID number.

Step-3: Select the “Query” option to learn more about the kind and duration of your visa.

It’s significant to remember that Kuwait’s government modifies the status of ex-pat visas frequently. Because of this, it can take some time before your new status is shown in the system.

With passport number

Visitors can use Kuwait’s online tool to track the progress of their visa application by entering their passport number. You must input both your passport details as well as the e-visa reference number linked with your application in order to utilize Kuwait visa verification by passport number service.

Once you’ve completed this, you can check to see if your visa has already been granted. You must go to the Kuwait Ministry of Interior website to determine the status of your visa.

Step-1: Enter your “e-visa reference number”“.

Step-2: Enter your “Passport number”. 

Step-3: To check the status of your Kuwait visa, click the “ok” option.

If your visa is still in effect, you will be able to see when it expires, and if it has, you must get in touch with the Kuwait Ministry of Interior to extend it. You can approach the Kuwait Ministry of Interior for further information if you have any issues regarding the online Kuwait visa check service.

With visa number

By providing their visa number, visitors visiting Kuwait can also check the progress of their application for a visa. By accessing the website of the Kuwait Ministry of Interior, you can determine the status of your visa for Kuwait.

Step-1: Your visa number must be entered on the website in the relevant box.

Step-2: The present status of your visa will be visible once you have input your passport number and visa number.

Step-3: If your visa is still valid, you may check the expiration date and a few other relevant details.

You must get in touch with the Kuwaiti Consulate or Embassy in your country of residence if your visa has run out in order to learn more about how to renew it.

How to check Visa Status if you’re a Kuwaiti Resident?

If you reside in Kuwait, you can check the status of your Kuwait resident visa online using the facility provided by the Ministry of Interior. This website has a lot of features. Look at this!

Step-1: Go to the MOI website.

Step-2: Insert “Application Number”.

Step-3: Click “Residency” on the “Visa Type” page.

Step-4: In the relevant field, enter “QID Sponsor” or “Application Date,” as appropriate.

Step-5: Correctly complete the Captcha.

choose “Submit” next.

You may proceed now. Keep track of the status of your Kuwaiti residency permit with this simple process!


To track the status of your visa for Kuwait, you must input your passport number/visa number on the official website. The status of your Kuwait visa may be quickly and easily determined by entering your passport number or visa number and clicking the search button. Just make sure that you do everything perfectly!

Hopefully, this post on Kuwait visa validity status checking was helpful. Have a good journey!

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