PACI Civil Id Delivery in Kuwait

You may not know the process of PACI civil id delivery in Kuwait. However, there is nothing to worry about this process. Here, we are going to discuss step-by-step guidelines from where you will get to know the process of PACI civil id delivery in Kuwait.

You can use the public service of civil authority to get the link to home delivery of civil id in Kuwait. Instead of looking for another website, you should use PACI to get secure delivery of civil id.

The process of PACI civil id delivery in Kuwait

The government of Kuwait ensures an easy and simple process for civil Id delivery. Without any hassle, you will get the civil id in your hand by following some of the processes.  Here, the step-by-step process is given below:

Step 1:

  • First, you have to visit the official websites of PACI.
  • Then, press the top corner for changing the language from Arabic to your convenient language such as – English, or your mother language.
  • After that, read all the basic information of the delivery process of civil id for the website.
  • For your betterment here the picture of the instruction is given below. Please read the instructions carefully.

Step 2:

The primary requirement is you have to accept the instructions. Then, you will find various terms and conditions that you have to fill out to get the civil id delivery. So here, try to read the instructions and follow the rules and meet the requirements.  

Step 3:

On the PACI website, you will get a rectangular shape button where you will know the information about your old civil id card. If you have an old card, then you will see it here. And if you don’t, then also you will know about it from this option. So, before going to the next, you must have to be sure about your previous identification card.

Step 4:        

For civil ID card delivery requests, you have to go through the page of cards and here you will get the box where you have entered the civil id serial number. You will get the number from the other side of the civil id.

Step 5:

In this step, you need to give detailed contact information such as your name, contact number, delivery address, delivery time, email address, etc. After that, if you want to add any manual address you can do that also.

Step 6:

While you are writing about the detailed information regarding delivery address and so on, you will get three options over here. These are:

“Use card address”

“Use another PACI address”

“Enter address manually”

Now, you have to choose one option that suits best for you and fill in the necessary information as given below:

Step 7:

So now, you have to confirm all the detailed information and address what you have already given there. Check the address and confirm it.

Step 8:

After that, you will be redirected to the page of payment. When you clear your payment, PACI will give you a confirmation receipt. You have to save the receipt and keep it safe.


PACI delivers the civil id of Kuwait to the non-Kuwaiti or Kuwaiti people. This civil id card is a necessary thing so everyone needs this one. Sometimes people do not know the process of doing delivery requests of civil id cad. Hopefully, you will get the answer from here.

Anyways, the process is pretty simple and the authority will call you through a company to communicate with you about your delivery request. You will get the card without any hassle.

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