Qatar ID Check Online

Qatar ID Check Online: How Can You Check Your ID?

If you’re an immigrant or living in Qatar, you may badly need to check your Qatar id. It is because all the necessary information required for a living is given here. If you don’t check these once in a while, you won’t know when your various id expires. Thus you will fall into severe problems.

Now, let’s get to know more about this. Keep reading to know about Qatar id check the online process.

Is it necessary to use Qatar ID?

You must present your Qatar ID for the majority of transactions in Qatar (QID). If you are working here, you must get one. This ID is required for citizens and residents.

A plastic Identity card with basic details, barcodes, and a picture is also given to new citizens of Qatar. Both bank accounts and driver’s licenses must meet these criteria.

The identity card known as the Qatar ID, or QID, has an expiration date. There are various ways to renew your QID, depending on its categorization.

Companies, sponsors, or ID users have three months to renew their QID once it has expired without incurring a penalty. Even three months before its expiration, the Qatar ID can be renewed. The Ministry will impose a fine of QR 10 per day once the grace period has expired.

Why do you need to check Qatar?

The Interior Ministry launched smart cards for new immigrants in 2011. These chips contain biometric information such as fingerprint and retinal scans. With e-gate cards, citizens can utilize them to skip the passport line at immigration. Residents can exchange their conventional ID cards with smart cards in order to enjoy e-gate services.

Any citizen or resident of Qatar needs to have a Qatar ID. Both adults and children are required to carry it. All official business, such as obtaining a license or accessing medical care, requires identification.

Your ID needs to be renewed annually. Employers can assist staff members in getting Qatar IDs by working with the Qatar Visa Office in their home country.

Therefore, to avail this opportunity, you have to check your Qatar id to make your life easier. It will help you to conduct your life in a faster and safer method.

What to do if you input the wrong QID number?

If you have typed the wrong QID number, you won’t get your desired result! Nevertheless, don’t worry because the system has been designed in a very user-friendly way!

You will see a “reset” option. Click on that. Input your QID number again. Thus, you can check your Qatar id online without facing any hassle.

How to check your Qatar ID online

Let’s see how you can check your Qatar id online. Steps are broken down in an easy and understandable manner. 

  1. Visit the website

Go to the official website of the ministry of interior. Click on MOQ service. Select “other inquiries” and then choose “official documents”.

Qatar ID Check Online
  1. Fill up your QID Number

Type your QID very carefully. Here, every digit has its own significance. You will see that there are two options, QID number, and passport number. Choose the QID number.

The process of breaking down the id number is: When you were born in the 1900s to 1999, your first digit would be 2 and if you were born after 2000, your first digit would be 3. The second and third digits would be the very last two digits of the year you were born.

The ISO code for your nation is represented by the fourth, fifth, and sixth digits. The total number of Qataris that share your year of birth is the last 5 digits. 

  1. Fill up the given captcha

In order to prevent spammers and bots from automatically harvesting email addresses or attempting to sign up for information, blogs, or groups, CAPTCHA technology verifies that a real human is viewing the web content.

Automated systems are prevented from reading the deformed characters in the graphic because CAPTCHA inhibits them.

  1. Press search

After pressing the search button, you will see that you can check your Qatar id status. You will find the id card, residency, and passport expiry date. Also, the driving license expiry date will be available too

That’s it, you can easily find your desired result!

What to do if you don’t have a QID number?

You will see that there’s an option for a passport number. Write down your passport number and select your nationality from the options. Press the search button then.

How can you know your Qatar ID by passport number?

It’s possible to know the QID by your passport number and the steps are pretty basic. 

  1. Go to the website of the internal ministry and choose “other inquiries”.
  2. Press on “official documents”
  3. Choose the option “passport number” and input your passport number.
  4. You’ll see “nationality” in the drop-down menu. If you’re entering the passport number, you have to select the nationality. It’s a must. 
  5. Identify the captcha! You’re good to go!

How can you check your Qatar ID renewal?

A smart card is necessary to renew the QID via the  MOI e-services site. These simple steps will help you!

  1. Log in to MOI’s e-services portal with your smart card.
  2. Go to “Renew Residency” 
  3. Renew for yourself:

Choose the QID that has to be refreshed (maximum of five QID numbers at a time).

  1. Renewing for businesses:

Click “Add” after choosing the QID number that has to be renewed (up to 20 QID numbers may be selected at once).

  1. Enter the Qatar ID renewal period that you want (QID).
  2. Choose the delivery method for the new Qatar ID or residence permit.
  3. Pay the required fees.
  4. This website allows you to keep tabs on the renewal process.


This process is super easy. The website is designed in a helpful way that will show you the way. Check the status of your id. If the id expires, make sure to renew it. Otherwise, you will be charged penalties and face legal measures. 

Hopefully, this process of Qatar id check online is clear to you!

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