Qatar Traffic Violations Check And Pay Fines Online?

Qatar Traffic Violations Check And Pay Fines Online

If you commit traffic violence, it is very common that you will be fined for it. Just like this, the Qatar Government fines anyone who commits traffic violence. If you have committed any kind of traffic violation or broken the traffic rules, you will be charged a fine according to Qatar Traffic Law. 

The intriguing aspect is that you can use electronic payment to satisfy a traffic fine. You will certainly find tips and information on “Qatar Traffic Violations Check and Pay Fines Online” in this article.

Fines in Qatar for Traffic Infractions

Road accident rates in Qatar have decreased as a result of fines for driving offenses. Qatar has made sure to implement a number of road safety measures, such as speed restrictions, demerit/penalty points, seat belt rules, etc., in order to prevent traffic accidents. 

Therefore, it is crucial for everybody who drives or intends to drive in Qatar to be aware of the traffic laws and the consequences of breaking them. If you follow these rules effectively, then you will be able to avoid getting penalized for traffic violations in Qatar. 

How can you get information regarding traffic violations in Qatar?

You can get information regarding traffic violations in Qatar through the website of the Ministry of Interior (MOI). This website contains all the information regarding traffic violations in Qatar.

From getting traffic inquiries to information about traffic violations, you will find everything here on this website. The government of Qatar has given MOI permission to handle violations of the law relating to traffic.

How do you pay the fine for driving infractions in Qatar?

Paying the fine for driving infractions may seem a bit confusing and overwhelming to most at first, but it is really an easy process in Qatar. Qatar has made it easy for its residents to pay a fine for traffic violations by making it online.

Qatar has made online services for their residents to pay for traffic violations. There are two online platforms for payment of traffic violations. These two platforms are:

The Metrash2 app

And the MOI website.

However, to make payments offline, you can just go to the traffic department. 

Which Website Handles Traffic Offenses And Collects Fines in Qatar?

The website that handles traffic offenses and collects fines in Qatar is MOI (Ministry of Interior). MOI is responsible for handling traffic violations.

On the website of MOI, you will be able to find their fines. This website holds the amount of traffic fine one needs to pay. 

Is there any other way that exists through which one can pay for infractions in Qatar?

You can pay traffic fines using any method, including the Ministry’s website or the Metrash2 app. The Self-service ticket machines found in major shopping centers and all other service locations around Qatar can be used to pay for traffic infractions as well. 

How do you Check the Online Traffic Fines in Qatar?

You can check the online traffic fines through the MOI website or the Metrash2 app. After checking the online traffic fines, you need to pay the fines by using the websites. 

How do you Make an Online Traffic Fine Payment?

Online traffic payments can be made on the MOI website and the Metrash2 app. These two are online platforms for the fined ones to pay their fine.

If you log in to the website of MOI they will give you further instructions till you are able to pay your fine. The same goes for the Metrash2 app after you have downloaded the app and logged in, you will be guided by the app’s instructions and it will help you to pay your fines.

Using the website and app for fine payment has made it easy for Qatar residents and non-residents to handle traffic violation fines. Residents of Qatar can easily use these two platforms to make payments of fines for driving infractions. 

These two online platforms not only help you to pay fines but also have other purposes for them. If you believe you received a traffic penalty ticket inadvertently, you may also appeal the ticket online.

Additionally, you can use the Metrash2 app to report any traffic violations when you see any other driver violating any traffic rules.

How can you pay a traffic fine via the website of the Ministry of the Interior?

To pay traffic fines online using the MOI website, you must adhere to the following procedures. 

  1. Browse the webpage of the Ministry Of Interior. Arabic is the primary language of the website. To read the instructions, you can change the language setting to English. This language-change button is located at the top of the homepage.
  2. The navigation bar will then emerge. There will be an inquiry option. To make a “inquiry,” click here, and then search for the “MOI assistance” link that is located next to the header.
  3. You will then see three choices in the drop-down menu. Questions, e-services, and administrative services. Please select this option to proceed.
  4. The “traffic violation” button will then show. It is available on the webpage. Here on left, a link will display “traffic inquiries.” The following page will load when you click this button. That is the place where you can look up traffic violations.
  5. Here, there are three options. 
  • Vehicle number 
  • Identification number
  • Business identification number
  1. You can type in either the vehicle or the ID card number.
  2. If you do not have your license number plate, you can apply the other two alternatives.
  3. The specifics of your traffic offense will be provided once you enter your car number. You may see the date, time, and location of your traffic infraction occurrence from these specifics. By selecting the print option, you may also print this relevant information.
  4. Then, further buttons for traffic infractions will appear. When you click this button, a new page displaying the traffic services and violation buttons will load. Once you have clicked the traffic violation button, you must log in with your smart card.
  5. Make your payment once you have logged in. If you have already given a fine for the traffic offense, you won’t see any descriptions of it.
  6. You can quickly and easily pay your traffic fee online on the website of the Ministry of Interior. If you face any inconvenience or difficulties, then you can physically pay your fine by going to the traffic department.

How to use the Metrash2 App to pay a traffic fine online in Qatar?

To pay traffic fines online using the Metrash2 app, you must adhere to the following procedures. 

  1. Download the Android app of Metrash 2. To get it, visit the Google Play Store app.
  2. Sign up for a Metrash 2 account.
  3. You will then see a few icons with logos. You must click on the icon representing a traffic light.
  4. A brand-new page will appear. You must select “contravention service” there.
  5. Then, in the following stage, click the next button after selecting “traffic infringement.”
  6. A form will then appear. You must enter the details from your Qatar ID. 
  7. Type in both your plate number and your Qatar security number.
  8. You may check your status by pressing the search button. Documentation about any violations you may have will be provided. The license number for your vehicle will be displayed. You can even review a list of any violations you have committed.
  9. After confirming the status, the user has to click twice on the violation button. Thereafter, a payment button will appear. It is a quick and practical approach to paying a traffic ticket.
  10. Finish the payment procedure.

Appeal against Qatar Traffic Infractions 

If you are fined mistakenly, you can easily appeal against the ticket given to you through MOI or Metrash2 app. 

To appeal against a ticket using the MOI website, you need to follow the following instructions. 

  1. Login to the MOI website. 
  2. Use your smart card to complete the login procedure. 
  3. Another new section will appear. To access “violation programs,” click on it.
  4. Through the Query, ascertain the query technique.
  5. To investigate all vehicles for traffic offenses: Leave the default checkbox for “All vehicle offenses” unchecked.
  6. To find out if a certain car has been ticketed for traffic violations: Choose the “Specific Vehicle Violations” option, type the license plate number, then select the kind of vehicle.
  7. Click “Next.”
  8. Examine the information on violations on the list. 
  9. Violations page, which includes the license plate number, type, and number of violations for each vehicle, by clicking on the check mark that is present in front of each vehicle’s register.
  10. Select the icon in front of the infractions row, then click “Next” to appeal to a particular violation. If an argument is not legitimate, it cannot be selected, and the “Appeal Status” column will indicate why.
  11. On the appeal recording page, in the complaint induce text field, enter the justification for the objection before pressing the Submit button.

What is the fine for a traffic infraction in Qatar?

A long-term plan for safe driving in Qatar is given by the Qatar road safety strategy. Legislation No. (19) of 2007 addressing the traffic law governing the traffic laws in Qatar. 

You will be fined for speeding, driving in the wrong direction, parking illegally, jumping red signals, not wearing seat belts, talking on mobile while driving, and not giving indicator lights adequately. All of these offenses have their particular amount for the fine. For example: for speeding one will be fined between QR 500 and QR 1000. 

What will happen if you don’t pay your traffic fine in Qatar? 

If you don’t pay your traffic fine you will be unable to renew your vehicle registration. Your license will be blocked and suspended for a good amount of time. 

Can you Reduce your traffic fine? 

In Qatar, you might receive a discount on your legal settlements. If you pay your traffic fine within one month, you’ll receive a 50% discount. You can also go to the traffic department and tell them to review your fine, if there were any errors or the possibility of decreasing your fine they will help you to do so. 

How soon after the offense will you be alerted?

After you have committed the offense, the crime is registered, and you will be notified of a traffic violation act within 1–3 days. After you have been notified it is best to pay the fine within a few days, you can also appeal if you think the traffic violation was invalid. 


The Qatar government began fining people for traffic violations with the aim of minimalizing accidents. In an effort to cut down on accidents, they also implemented a traffic infraction point system in November 2009. Following its implementation, a significant percentage of accidents fell, and Qatar is still pursuing this goal. 

This article has presented all the steps and instructions accordingly so you have everything that you need to check traffic violations in Qatar online.

By reading this article, you can learn about “Qatar traffic violation check and pay fines online.” 

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