Qatar Visa on Arrival for Indians

Qatar Visa on Arrival for Indians: What Are The Procedures?

Indian nationals can travel to Qatar without a preceding visa, thanks to the visa-on-arrival program. Regardless of the reason for visiting Qatar or the length of their stay, all Indian citizens have access to this resource. A 30-day entry permit will then be issued by the immigration official. 

Now let’s get to know more about Qatar Visa on arrival for Indians!

Why do you need Visa on Arrival?

According to Qatar, holders of Indian passports can receive a visa upon arrival in 2017. For many Indian visitors and travelers who want to visit Qatar, this change is welcome.

It is now simpler and more practical to go to Qatar with an Indian passport thanks to the new visa-on-arrival policy. The nation has a wide variety of tourism destinations and leisure activities available.

Travelers must present proper documents, such as passports and many other relevant papers when they arrive at the immigration counter. Thus, be sure to take advantage of this new visa-on-arrival provision if you are planning a trip to Qatar.

How to Apply for a Qatar On Arrival Visa if  you’re an Indian

The steps are pretty easy. If you keep your documents clean and be punctual, you will get your visa on arrival within a very short time. Let’s get to know the simple steps!

1. Qualification

You need a passport that is still valid for at least another six months, as well as a confirmed onward ticket, in order to be allowed for a Qatar on-arrival visa for Indian citizens. Also, you need to show that you have the money to sustain your accommodation in Qatar.

2. Application Procedure 

You must complete an online application form to be eligible for a Qatar on arrival visa if you are an Indian. Once the form is finished, you must deliver it to the Embassy together with the necessary paperwork.

3. Required Paperwork

Indian nationals need to submit a number of documents when filing for a Qatar on arrival visa, including a copy of their passport, a passport-sized photo, and evidence of onward travel. You might also need to provide other paperwork, including an invitation letter from sponsors in Qatar or evidence of your financial stability.

4. Fees

The cost of an Indian’s Qatar on arrival visa varies according to the kind and length of the visa needed. For instance, a 30-day single-entry visa costs QAR 100, whereas a 90-day multiple-entry visa costs QAR 300. The application fee should be paid in cash or with a credit card; fees are subject to change.

5. Processing Period

Indian citizens must wait 3 to 5 business days for their Qatar on arrival visa to be processed. The Embassy or visa application center where you apply may, however, have different processing times depending on the season.

How can Indians get a Visa on Arrival?

There are a few prerequisites that must be necessarily met by Indians to get a Visa on arrival. If you’re an Indian and failed to do so, you will have to suffer a lot. Before it’s too late, read these!

1. Authentic travel documents and a passport

The travel documentation and passports of every passenger must be current. At least six months should pass after the date of entry in Qatar for the passport to be valid.

2. A confirmed return or onward ticket

Each traveler must possess a confirmed ticket for an onward or return trip. The ticket should be issued by an authorized travel agent.

3. The visa application

All travelers are obliged to apply for visas. The Qatar Embassy, Bureau, or a certified travel agent can provide you with the necessary forms.

4. A pair of current passport-sized photos

Two passport-sized photos must be sent with the visa application form. It is advised to use a white background when taking photos.

5. Evidence of financial resources

Travelers must submit financial documentation alongside their visa application, such as a bank or credit card statements.

When may Indian nationals extend their visa for Qatar upon arrival?

Up to 15 days prior to the expiration date, Indian citizens may request an extension of their Qatar on-arrival visa. However, in order for applicants’ applications to be processed in time, they must be submitted at least 5 days before the expiry date. To be considered, applications must be received before the deadline.

It is crucial to keep in mind that renewals are not always possible and that applications could be rejected, making preparation and application in advance crucial. You can quickly assure that you will get a Qatar on-arrival visa extension by being aware of the rules, gathering the required paperwork, and completing the application at least five days prior to your visa expiration.

How To Continue Having A Qatar On-Arrival Visa

Everyone faces a dilemma when the on-arrival visa comes near to expiry date. The prime reason behind this is they don’t know the process. If you want to renew or extend your Qatar on Arrival Visa, follow this process. These are super quick!

1. Check the prerequisites

Make sure you comply with the regulations for an extension before starting the application process. You must possess a current passport and a valid visa for Qatar in order to be eligible.

A letter from your company or institution confirming your good standing is also required, as is documentation of your work or enrolment in an educational program in Qatar.

2. Compile the paperwork

You must obtain the necessary documentation as soon as you are certain you match the requirements. A duly completed form, two most recent passport-sized photos, your passport, and a valid Qatar visa are among these requirements.

A letter from your job or school confirming your good status is also required, as is documentation of your employment or enrollment.

3. Apply

You can apply for an extending at some Qatar Visa Application Office or online at the Ministry of Interior website once you have acquired the necessary paperwork. Your passport number, country of citizenship, and visa number should be entered into the web form.

Once your web application has been submitted, you will be contacted. The application processing cost can be paid with a credit or debit card, debit card, as well as cash by applicants.

4. Wait for a verdict

Your application will be examined by the appropriate authorities after it has been filed. An answer to your application should come inside ten working days. If your request is accepted, a new residency permit with a longer validity period will be given to you.

5. Update your residency visa

When you extend your visa, you must also extend your residency permit (RP) if you are working in Qatar. This procedure can be finished at any Immigration Department office or electronically through the Ministry of Interior’s website,

Facts to know before obtaining a visa upon arrival in Qatar

Indian nationals are allowed to travel to Qatar and remain for up to thirty days without a previous visa thanks to the country’s “visa on arrival” policy.

  • Travelers must present proper documentation, such as a passport as well as other necessary paperwork, when they arrive at the immigration counter.
  • A 30-day entry permit will then be issued by the immigration official. Travelers must have a valid passport that is still valid after at least six months in order to qualify for this visa on arrival service.
  • Also, they must show proof of adequate funds and a scheduled return ticket. The fundamental advantage of this policy would be that it enables visitors to enter Qatar without the need for a visa or other documentation.

Travelers from India will now find it lot easier and more convenient to visit the nation, take in its sights, and savor its distinctive culture and friendliness. Thus, be ready to take advantage of this visa-on-arrival provision and get the most out of your trip to Qatar!

Application for a Qatar visa upon arrival for Indian nationals

Indian nationals are eligible to apply for a visa upon arrival in Qatar with a current passport and a verified onward or return ticket.

  • Candidates need to show they have the money to fund their residence in Qatar as well as a hotel booking or other form of lodging.
  • Business travelers must present an official request from a Qatari enterprise, and tourists must show proof of hotel stays or other forms of lodging.
  • Transit travelers must apply for a travel visa in advance because they cannot get one at the airport.
  • Children under the age of 18 must have all necessary documentation, such as birth certificate and passport, and be escorted by a parent or legal guardian.

Qatar’s New Arrival Visa Regulations

India’s citizens are now able to request and receive a visa on arrival thanks to a new digital visa program that Qatar implemented in July 2019.

  • Travelers can start applying for their visas thanks to the online system’s streamlined procedures and shorter wait times.
  • The online application process is simple to use and only needs a few pieces of paperwork, including a current passport, a photo the size of a passport, and other relevant documentation.
  • Travelers will get a mail containing their visa details once their application is accepted, and they must produce it to immigration when they arrive. Indian nationals now have an easier time obtaining a Qatar visa upon arrival thanks to this new method.

Advantages of a visa-on-arrival for Qatar

Over the past few years, India has seen a rise in the popularity of Qatar as a tourist destination. They will now find it simpler and more straightforward to visit the nation thanks to the new visa-on-arrival program.

The key advantage of this service is how much simpler and easier the process is as a result. 

  • There is no requirement to submit a separate visa application in advance or stand in lengthy lines at the airport. Also, by forgoing time-consuming pre-trip documentation, tourists can save time. 
  • Regardless of their reason for visiting Qatar or length of stay, all Indian nationals may use the visa-on-arrival service.
  • After submitting and receiving approval for all necessary documents, the visas can be picked up right at the airport.
  • Travelers may now visit Qatar far more easily and conveniently thanks to this. Passport holders from India can take advantage of Qatar’s numerous attractions.
  • They no longer face any obstacles to traveling because of the visa on arrival policy.
  • It’s a great initiative on the part of the Qatari government to provide Indian tourists a chance to experience the warmth, culture, and heritage of the country.

If you’re thinking about visiting Qatar, be sure to take advantage of this new convenience. By offering an on-arrival visa, the Qatari government has simplified the procedure for Indian citizens to enter the nation. So be sure to utilize this visa-on-arrival option and get the most out of your trip to Qatar!

Qatar’s limitations on visa-on-arrival

With such a visa on arrival, there are limitations about what you can accomplish in Qatar. Go through these!

  • The duration of the visa, which is up to 30 days, can be used for single or numerous entries.
  • With this visa, you are not permitted to employ or study in Qatar, and you are required to depart the nation before the permission expires.
  • Furthermore, it is advised that you depart Qatar before the visa’s expiration date, as overstaying your visa could have serious repercussions.
  • As soon as they arrive in Qatar, visa holders must make sure their passports are valid for a minimum of six months and that they can show evidence of sufficient finances and a scheduled onward or return ticket, as necessary.

If you don’t adhere to these rules, your visa can be revoked and you might be forced to leave Qatar right away.

Fine for a Visa that Has Expired in Qatar

The penalties for having a visit visa that has expired in Qatar change according to how long it has been expired.

  • The penalty is 100 Qatari Riyals for visas that have been inactive for one day to thirty days.
  • The penalty is 500 Qatari Riyals for visas that have been inactive for 31 to 180 days.
  • A charge of 1,000 Qatari Riyals is imposed for visas that are out of date for more than 181 days.

You can also be responsible for paying the overstay’s administrative and judicial costs. The relevant peacekeeping mission should be contacted for the most recent information as these fines are liable to change.


These quick to read facts will help you gain more information.  Side by side, these will ensure that you have a pleasant stay in Qatar!

  • Entering without a Visa: Indian nationals can enter Qatar without a visa. But, they are able to do so when they arrive in Qatar at the entry point. Regardless of their reason for visiting Qatar or the length of their stay, all Indian citizens have access to this resource.
  • For Travelers: Travelers must present legitimate documentation, such as passports and other travel documents, when they arrive at the immigration counter. They will then be given an entry permit by immigration officials, good for up to 30 days.
  • GCC: GCC citizens may be granted a visa on arrival for Qatar. You need to submit your original copy, a current GCC residency permit, and a current visa or entrance stamp from another GCC nation in order to qualify for the visa. You must also pay the appropriate processing fee in Qatari Riyals. You might also be asked to submit more paperwork, such as a written report, proof of health insurance, and a confirmed return ticket, depending on your nationality.
  • Evisa: Indian nationals are eligible to apply for employment, study, and tourist visas. You can register for an eVisa in beforehand or a visa on arrival depending on the reason for your trip.
  • Procedure‚Äôs time: Qatar’s visa application procedure is comparatively quick and easy. The immigration staff typically needs two to three days to evaluate the application and issue entrance.
  • Validity of Qatari Visa on Arrival:

An arrival visa for Qatar is typically good for 30 days after the entrance date. Up to 90 days after the date of admission, the visa may be renewed for 30 days. Tourists need to request the extension in advance and supply proper identification, such as a passport and address proof.

  • Visa on Arrival Fees for Qatar:

The QR 100 visa on arrival charge for Qatar (approx. INR 2,159). The fee is payable in cash at the airport upon arrival.

  • Renewal process: As you depart Qatar, you will have to show the documentation for the renewal. If your visa renewal has been granted, you must show the document at the gate when you depart the country. You risk being refused entry to or departure from Qatar if you don’t have this paperwork.

Your renewal receipt must be kept safely and securely until you depart Qatar because you will need it to re-enter the country.


Indian nationals who wish to enter Qatar swiftly and simply could choose the Qatar visa on arrival option. Yet, it is crucial to remember that in order to be accepted, candidates must fulfill certain standards and pay the necessary costs. GCC citizens can also obtain a Qatar visa upon arrival.

Finally, depending on the objective of their trip, Indian nationals may also apply for additional visas, such as visitor, student, commercial, and work visas. Hopefully, this guide on Qatar Visa on arrival for Indians helped you!

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