What is a Reference Number in Kuwait Civil ID

What is a Reference Number in Kuwait Civil ID? [Video Include]

In your Kuwait Civil ID, nine numbers make up the reference number. Knowing your civil id reference number is crucial. Via this reference number, you can simply retrieve your login information if you forget your username and password.

Just a few simple procedures must be taken to examine the reference number. And we’ll show you what is reference number in Kuwait civil id and how to find it!

Why do you need a civil ID?

Several governments issue national identity numbers, national insurance statistics, or national identification numbers to monitor people’s work, taxes, government aid, and health care.

Numerous countries have produced special numbers for a variety of purposes, but these identities have now been adopted as official national identification numbers.

To operate a vehicle, to get a credit or debit card, and create a bank account, ID is a must requirement. Nations without standardized national identity numbers must come up with their own, despite the risk of identities being mixed up.

What is Kuwait Civil ID?

A bitaqa-almadaniyah, a civic identification card, is required for both foreigners and citizens. Civil identification cards are issued by the Department of Public for Civil Informatics (PACI).

The civil ID number, sponsor name, visa type, and card expiration date are all listed on civil identification cards. After receiving a residence permit, the resident has thirty days to register for a civil identification card.

Each and every inhabitant has a civil identity number. The Kuwait Civil ID is necessary following an extended absence, regardless of whether the owner changes sponsors or goes back to Kuwait. Civil identification numbers include the owner’s birthdate.

What is a reference number?

Nine numbers make up the reference number. The area between the “serial number” and the “address” on the back of the civil card is where you can find it.

You can check the reference number just on the entry visa under the heading of the unified number in addition to the other data, such as Name, Civil No, Serial Key, Blood Group, Birth Date, and Residential Address with Id Expiration Date.

What is a Reference Number in Kuwait Civil ID

How to find a Kuwaiti Reference Number?

The process to find a Kuwaiti Reference Number is described in the section that follows. It is very easy to locate the Kuwaiti Reference Number. In order to trace the Reference number, you must be aware of three things:

  • Passport No. 
  • Date of Passport Expiry
  • Civil Identification No.

You must carry out these three actions in order to locate a reference number. Make sure you are informed about these.

How to find Kuwait ID reference number?

Use this basic instruction to find a Reference Number. In Kuwait, there are 4 steps for getting a reference number:

1. To get started, go to the official website.

2. Clicking here will bring up the click here menu in a new window.

3. Choose the “arrow” option. A new form will appear.

4. Then, as shown in the image below, a new form will pop up that you must thoroughly fill out. See it by going here.

-Enter their civil ID number in the box next to Civil ID.

-Enter your passport number in the box marked “Passport Number”

5. Specify the date that your passport expires, then click “Inquire” to complete the process.

This solution allows everyone to quickly check their reference number. After reading this post, you can use these easy procedures to check your Kuwaiti reference number.

How to renew Kuwait Civil ID reference number? 

Since a civil ID number has a certain validity, it should be dealt with utmost carefulness. 

At the following intervals, Kuwaiti civil id numbers should be renewed.

  • After the validity period 
  • Alteration of sponsors
  • Change in address

What documents do you need if you want a civil ID for the first time?

You will need the following documents if you’re applying for a civil id for the first time!

  • Passport
  • Photocopies of passport pages bearing personal data and a residence stamp
  • For anyone older than sixteen, a security certification or fingerprint is necessary 
  • In case of a by-born Kuwaiti, a true birth certificate
  • Blood group certification document.
  • Verification of addresses
  • Sponsors’ joint statement


The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior provides a service link called “from here” that enables citizens and residents to examine the reference number and provide the necessary information to display the inquirer’s reference number.

We have now reached the end of our article on how Kuwaitis and residents can find out their reference numbers on their civil identification cards. In it, we discussed the key methods for doing so. Hopefully, it will help you!

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